Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"That's no phone, That's my tracker"

Ever wonder why when you download something on your phone it ask to use your location? Well that's a way for the government to keep track of you and where you are, but it's on everything you you use the only way for them to not keep track of you is to not use them. It's not something you would think of because if have to do it so often for everything you use. It's more than just using your location, logged in to facebook, snapchat, instagram, etc. uses your location for everything. What other reason did they invent phones and technology, and they keep improving on it. Its all a big set up between the phones and the new websites, but the government knows what they're doing and where just playing along. We're consider free but think about it are we really free? No because we're always tracked or being listened to with every little thing we do. Same as credit card they use those to see what we buy and how often, but you don't think of it as that. The government is very slick when they do things such as tracking us or keeping up with our every move. You'd have to keep an open mind and look at the bigger picture not what they have planned for you.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

15 minutes with anyone, who would it be?

I would honestly want to meet with my dad, because I never got to really know how he was. I wake up sometimes and ask why, like why so soon, or why I didn't have the chance to get to know him. All i hear are stories about him and what he would do for me and i only have three memories of him. One of the times i met him i was so shocked because i saw myself 30 years ahead. It was just so unreal it was like i had an older twin that i never knew about. We had so many similar things like dimples, smile, and our mindset because people say he was a person about his word. That's something i try to do, if i say something i intend on doing it no matter the circumstances. I have something unanswered questions, i'd probably need more than 15 minutes but if that's all i got I'd just ask him the most important question and just let him talk. You ever hear the saying "tomorrow isn't promised" if not it's something you should look into because it true. He had so much longer to live but god has gained a true angle. Still till this day i wake and think why, because he is someone i truly need right now. Growing up without a dad is hard and it's even harder not knowing him, but i thank god for his family because they take me in. My second choice would be my Tia Martha, i lost her to stomach cancer. I have a lot of Tia's But she was different its kinda hard to explain, but it was something about her. It made her different she went through so much, even during the cancer she fought and fought. In the end the doctors basically gave up on her and told us "There's nothing more we can do." I've never thought they would just be able to give up on her, as much as we've fought. It's heartbreaking watching someone you love die, but not just that the fact that she was in pain still. After that i never look at anything the same i started looking at life from a different perspective those two people took a huge toll on my life. They both hurt but they helped me look at life differently because i noticed at any point they could just be gone...

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My life as a reader.

My life as a reader isn't as you would expect, because i don't really like reading books. They have to be very interesting to be able to get a reader's attention. Nine times out of ten i lose focus, and just stop reading. People always talk about the books being so good but don't ever explain why. If they were more interesting books maybe more people would start reading them, but i don't compare to a reader in any way. They always seem to have a lot of knowledge and i have some but not compared to them. Another reason why i can't read books is because i can't sit still for that long and concentrate on a book, but to play a game i can. They are two different thing by a lot being that you actually have to pay attention to the game and be careful on what you do. Then again you could compare that to a book because if you miss a small part of a book you have the chance of miss the point of the book. I never understood why they made book if they have movies it's the same thing, but books seem so much longer. I believe that we shouldn't read that many books if their going to make  movie about it or if they make a book don't make a movie. It gives us a reason to watch a movie or read the book.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

How influential are your parents in creating your reality?

My mom is a big part because she doesn't really know how to face reality but it shows me what not to do. When she gets knocked down she just stop but that's not what you're supposed to do you have to get back up, but if you don't know that you're not living in reality. She wants everything handed to her but that's not how life works. It shows me what not to do when i get older and start living my life, because life isn't handed to you like you were when you were a kid. When you're a kid you basically hand fed, because you're young. Once you get to high school it's a whole different thing, it's always on you to turn your work in. Reality isn't something to joke around with it can make you or break you. Best way to face reality is to not run from it, because you're only making it harder on yourself.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What is beautiful?

What is beautiful? Makes you wonder, but there are many thing that are beautiful in this world. From food, to sports and the way they are played, and cars. Life in general is a very beautiful thing, because you never know when it could be your last time say bye to your mom for example. What if someone that means alot to you gets taken away because it was their time to go. Many people take life for granted and don't realize what the have to lose till it's gone, but its not like you can control it. It's not like you can stop it but you can take advantage of every chance you have with whoever it is or whatever you're doing. Once you can't do what you love to do it's very depressing, losing someone important is very hard and all you think is what y'all could do but you didn't. There's many thing that beautiful but everyone has their own perspective on how they view things. Mother nature is a beautiful thing as well because without trees we wouldn't be here, or how about flowers their beautiful as well. What would you give to a women to make them happy if it wasn't for flower? Not everyone loves flowers but it still bring a smile out their face. There so much to be grateful that so many people take advantage of. Sometimes when you need to get away and walk alone you notice all the little thing, have you thought what it would be like without them? It's not a very good image. Sports is another beautiful thing because it makes you get out and gets you involved. It's a very easy way to make new friends, and get you to be competitive while you're having fun. It's a lot more fun when you do anything of these things not just the sports